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“KISS Tahiti – your ticket to bespoke, sensual Tahiti travel experiences that connect you emotionally to nature, others and yourself. It’s the ultimate recipe for wellbeing and happiness”

Driven by our passion for the untouched fauna and flora; the soulful, genuine people and the French European flair of Tahiti and Her Islands, KISS Tahiti – think ‘Keeping It Simply Stunning ‘ – is a full-service shop designer travel agency that provides custom-made, authentic ‘tribal elegance’ travel experiences exclusively to
this destination.

Our focus is on servicing special interest groups and the Australian corporate incentive travel market. Our main purpose is to incorporate sustainable, sociably responsible travel, by collaborating with trade partners and travellers who share our values of caring for the environment – and for the local people of Tahiti. 

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KISS Tahiti is inspired by the notion that we are at our happiest when we’re in love, travelling and giving. Our aim is to combine these three elements in pursuit of true happiness and joy.

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Tahiti offers a raw element of nature that mirrors our own being. We have implemented these connections into our travel programmes by combining ‘something old’ – cultural educational experiences delivered through ancient Tahitian teachings – with ‘something new’: introducing travellers to a divine natural sanctuary, its humble, warm-spirited inhabitants and the natural, in sync rhythm that exists between them.


Our mission is to invite you to connect with the plethora of Tahiti’s profound natural and cultural treasures far beyond (but definitely not excluding!) Her Islands’ classy overwater bungalows and spectacular turquoise lagoons. Our goal: to awaken your senses, invite you to reconnect with nature and rejuvenate your entire being by living in the moment.

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Tahiti, the birthplace of ancient Polynesian civilisation, is located smack bang in the centre of the South Pacific and is made up of 118 islands and atolls, also known as the Diamond Islands.


We are passionate about cultivating tribal elegance crusaders amongst Australians and New Zealand travellers through simple yet sophisticated ‘good feels’ travel experiences of this sublime and sacred part of the world. To instigate this, we tailor our programmes around our ‘holy grail’ of unique Diamond 4Cs Experiences.


These hand-picked experiences include a choice of Colour (Blue for sea; green for land); Culture (embracing the mana or spirit of Tahiti); Cuisine (where island freshness meets French delicacies) and Class (Masterclass choices of French Polynesian art, tattooing and traditional massage).

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When you jump on board the KISS Tahiti ‘ship’, you’ll experience a full circle of giving. A set percentage of sales from all KISS Tahiti travel programmes will be supporting – in equal measures – the following two philanthropic organisations: Mission Australia and Coral Gardeners


Mission Australia is a helping hand charity dedicated to helping people find people find safe housing, support disadvantaged kids and families, empower troubled youth and assist people with mental illness and disability, amongst other welfare services. Coral Gardeners, a conservation organisation focused on promoting ocean wellbeing, offers travellers who sign up with KISS Tahiti a coral adoption incentive aimed at giving the ‘kiss of life back’ to our reefs.

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Living in times of Covid-19 means keeping our travellers safe at all costs is paramount. For peace of mind, we’re happy to report that all our collaborating partners and the destination Tahiti have been endorsed by the World Travel Tourism Council (WTTC) as an overall safe travel region due to all parties involved implementing safety protocols for this region. Visit the WTTC website for details.

To up the ante in the safety stakes even more, we’re not only exclusively servicing the Australian and New Zealand travel bubble, but have also chosen Air New Zealand as our preferred airline partner, as they are known for their stringent travel regulations, including obligatory vaccinations and top-level hygiene precautions. Visit the Air New Zealand website for details.


In addition, we’re introducing ship/fly combo deals and strictly monitored pre-and post stays at the InterContinental Papeete that will help keep guests out of harm’s way.

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“Given the intrinsic French flair of Tahiti, our programmes offer travellers the opportunity to experience a slice of Europe without having to venture there in times of the pandemic”

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