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With an established 22-year career in airline travel under her belt (or tiare rather), Implementation Project Manager Lisa Dosanjh is the heart and soul behind KISS Tahiti. During her 10-year stint as National Business Development & Account Manager of Air Tahiti Nui, she developed a personal passion for Tahiti and a magnetic pull towards the mesmerising culture, genuine spirited people and unspoilt pureness of Her Islands.


A nurturer at heart with a strong spiritual connection to Mother Earth, Lisa is increasingly dedicated to helping cultivate empathy and respect for our planet, as well as promoting the wellbeing of humanity through a ‘back to the roots’ approach and rediscovering the beauty of enjoying the simpler things in life. “My passion is to help people reset their mind, body and soul by experiencing Tahiti as a living, breathing wellness centre!”


A born and bred in Sydneysider, Lisa has dedicated the last two decades of her life to her work, raising two boys and exploring different corners of the globe. To date she has ventured into six of our seven continents… and counting. 


To stay grounded, Lisa enjoys sea and land-based nature walks with her fur babies in tow, and indulges in horse rides to connect with the wild and free side of life. She practises yoga to take the edge off the weekly grind – with a yoga retreat escape thrown in twice a year for good measure.


Says Lisa: “I’m a giver who likes to make people happy by being present for them in times of need –usually by lending a listening ear with a glass of champagne in hand – and I keep myself happy by visiting art galleries to satisfy my love of all things creative.”

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