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At KISS Tahiti, we strongly embrace the French concept of esprit de corps, defined as a feeling of pride and mutual loyalty shared by the members of a group. Our aim? To inspire enthusiasm as well as strong mutual respect and care among travellers for our chosen destination Tahiti, its precious natural environment, rich culture and local people’s spiritual life force or mana.


Our purpose is to create memorable experiences that perpetuate the myth surrounding Tahiti and Her Islands – a give and take scenario set at leaving you truly enamoured with this special part of the world.

With our ‘sharing is caring’ ethos in mind, we service special interest groups – individual travellers in Australia and New Zealand travelling together in small configurations – as well as the Australian corporate incentive travel market. The latter is aimed at rewarding staff, suppliers and/or incentive sales with a magical journey
through Tahiti.

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KISS Tahiti not only stands for ‘Keepin­g It Simply Stunning’ but also for ‘Keeping It Suitably Sustainable’. As such, our special interest programmes are firstly tailored around creating awareness for the care of the land, the people and fauna and flora of Tahiti.


And, to maximise your Tahiti travel experience and ensure that you reach your happy place here, we offer ample choices for you to explore this exquisite destination based on your personal interests. You will enjoy the freedom to experience wild, wonderful land- and/or sea-based offerings (think jungle hikes or a 'sea-fari' spotting the ocean's Big Five – whales, dolphins, sharks, turtles and manta rays); romantic encounters over exquisite meals; spa treatments; and intrinsic Tahitian cultural or mythological experiences. The world is your oyster when entering this magical wonderland!


For a sneak peak of our first special interest journey – launching in November 2023 and exclusive to Australians – please click HERE. 



Incentive travel has proven to be a powerful motivator for organisations to reward top achievers globally time and time again. However, by its very nature it has always been considered a ‘nice to have’ – a ‘cherry on top’ reward that motivates employees to improve their performance.

Right now, however, because of extreme hygiene and other restrictions put in place to combat coronavirus, many corporate organisations have put incentive travel on ice as a strategic tool for some time to come. This has prompted some in the industry to question if we will ever see the return of this type of travel as we know it. At KISS Tahiti we are on a mission to change this perception and get the ball rolling again – offering the ideal destination and services to be able to reward top achievers at
the highest standard.

KISS Tahiti exclusively collaborates with partners who cherish the same core values as us focusing on sustainable travel – local hotels, resorts, cruise liners and ground transport operators who have agreed to provide ‘one of a kind’ memorable, culturally sensitive, sophisticated travel experiences.

Working for the national carrier Air Tahiti Nui for the past decade and solely focusing on the islands of French Polynesia has provided KISS Tahiti with an insight of this environmentally and culturally exclusive and pristine part of the world like no other. We have connected and built strong relations with like-minded suppliers here who embrace Meetings and Incentive visitors – having these like-minded partnerships in place endorses a win-win feel.

Using the power of knowledge and education, KISS Tahiti has paved the way to excellence by offering programmes that incorporate – and foster an immense respect for – all three of the holy trinities: the earth, spirit and all living beings.

Special Interest Groups
Corporate Incentive Travel

KISS Tahiti can be paid via PayPal please contact for more details

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"We believe that winners will be grinners in any organisation when choosing Tahiti – the holy grail of the South Pacific – as your incentive travel reward destination”

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